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Fox Reports single point Megyn Kelly is actually irritated that this Satanist is actually wise

Want to the first read to the satanic temple well I I help co promise it had a couple why are why because it is an embodiment of my deeply-held beliefs and I think they resist to state need for a counterbalance against a the dominant religious privilege in America today where the deeply held beliefs that which during you to the satanic temple well we have seven tax you can look them up online burden essentially we've fewer seen as a symbolic embodiment of the ultimate a rebel against tyranny okay so now you're you're happy because you get the ten commandments taken down but do you are you still pushing to have the goat with the horns and so on put up on the state capitol grounds no we we don't want our money make their without the ten commandments there the point are all along was that would complement contrast the ten commandments in reaffirm that we live in a pluralistic nation that respects diversity in religious.
 Liberty but the thing with the you know that the horns and so on the ten commandments goes up because not only did have some religious meaning but it has historical meaning to I mean would you acknowledge that about the ten commandments well I would well yes if you would acknowledge that bafflement has historical a meaning the bottom line is we got there early and a midget least goes back to the 19th century it's at least as old as more minutes in any case okay eso it let's say it does but do you acknowledge at about the ten commandments on the there's nothing you have no problem with the ten commandments standing there up next to you devil figure it right that's correct so long is multiple points of view are allowed arm there's nothing wrong with the religious monument being up but that really wasn't be argument tha.
 Oklahoma was making they were saying that it wasn't a religious monument net the the tank man its money answered a secular purpose which is outright falsely let me know the us supreme court found that many us supreme without record is already ruled that if the ten commandments that the displays not only have a just significance but also historical one well you you're talking a different type of issue because in Oklahoma they were a ruling by the state constitution not the federal constitution yeah different issue if you're not at practice it's a moot point it's not that everybody irregular different in talking different constitution I I'm looking out of state constitution versus federal crime I to look at apartments when I for Texas Lockhart like a decade to side I'd I did read m&t plot a similar words which in thank you good luck to you in and I talked to you in I taught you that there is a separation between the with that there is a difference between the federal constitution state constitution thank you for that alright good to see you joining me now add more former 
Oklahoma state senator and chairman at the Oklahoma gop Randy brogdon good to see you tonight sir so that was interesting however TV making top he has a point that if you're going to display something that is religious on state grounds you may have to open it up to more than just one faith right well no that's not right at all Megan you are returning you know how state law work so that's the beauty of living in America we have 50 different stage with different ideas different goals different values and each state is able to to govern the people as the people allow that to happen show here in Oklahoma we take care a our government very serious and even and d Oklahoma constitution the preamble stage that we invoke the guidance on almighty god and so we take a that pretty seriously here in Oklahoma yeah but if you open it up if the state is seen as endorsing in any way or affirming one religion that's we're getting in trouble so if you could have saw the whole thing by letting him have his wolf his will you know back in it okay well make it he would need to come to the state legislature and get his bill passed just like I did I was a senate author for this bail my creates a represent it was a house author and we move that too and we were very diligent and cracking the language because we knew the the debate that wish soon to follow and so we put the language in there and you benefiting you wish to talk or decision it would be to happen years earlier seventy its sure that we talk about how the 
Oklahoma constitution is different from the us constitution that's true it's a little bit more narrow but the score clearly could read this to fall within that us supreme court precedent and they clearly didn't want it they wanna go ten commandments gone yeah I think they want to take minutes gone in like I said when we wrote the legislation we were very diligent to make sure that it did meet all the criteria the at the yes us supreme court now with that said I really don't believe the us supreme court has had much to say on what we put on the Oklahoma capitol grounds smell with that said we knew what the debate would be and so we wrote the legislation to guard against that been and yet see you mu lost 72 by judges who chose to read the Oklahoma constitution in the narrowest at ways which has raised some legitimate questions about went on a date name they had and that they wanted to meet and they got there ready thank you for being here thank you so that was interesting fifty-state the fuck a lifelong calling to joining Smith Satan and their seven tenants which I will not be going %uh coming up a new bombshell from the white house today regarding the congressional investigation into big ghazi former white house press secretary Dana perino is next with her take on why the administration wants to look

Title: Fox Reports single point Megyn Kelly is actually irritated that this Satanist is actually wise
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Fox Reports single point Megyn Kelly is actually irritated that this Satanist is actually wise