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Nepal Crisis In November 2015

Nepal Crisis In November 2015

Nepal Crisis In November 2015 nepalese police shot an Indian man during protest at the India Nepal border these protests were sparked by nope holds new constitution and since August have led to the deaths of more than 40 people the constitution has also been named as the reason for potentially deadly blockade of pure which was reportedly enacted by India so what exactly is going on is India sending the ball into a few crisis when the ball is a landlocked state bordered on one side by India and on the other side by a relatively remote part of China India is responsible for more than half a proposed trade in all of its fuel but since September.

Fuel has not been getting any the whole situation is a little unexpected following the polls devastating earthquake in 2015 they received major support from India include closer as allies but by August their relationship began to falter the polls contentious new constitution was being fast-tracked to the dismay of both the Indian government as well as an ethnic group known as the modesto people identities are culturally close to India and why they represent about a third of loopholes population the new constitution would under represent them in her limit before it was passed India send in a list of amendments.

Which would have given those minority ethnic groups greater power and he warned that the marginalization of those groups would lead to violence in the poll but the amendments were not taken into account in the constitution went through with sixty six members of the constitutional assembly refusing to vote in protest in response.

Indian officials reportedly ordered border guards to search all trucks entering the poll blocking the flow of fuel in his oil corporation has refused to refuel nepalese trucks and all trucks trying to get into polar lined up on India's side however India's directly tonight accusation of establishing an economic blockade against depaul saying that fool is not getting in because the protests are blocking or scared drivers of course India's reluctance to admit to a block it is not surprising India Nepal have peace and trade treaties which have full embargo would undoubtedly violate so far the lack of fuel has been disastrous schools have been shut down without enough gas to power the school buses private cars have been prevented from filling up to leave just enough for emergency vehicles ironically even Indian embassy in Nepal has run out of fuel and has been taking do any ships regardless of how this turns out Nepal is already turned to China for support and India suppose it actually will undoubtedly soured their future relationship in light of proposed recent devastation blackpool has completely changed day-to-day life for the time being the polls disputed constitution is small part of the country's ongoing struggle for democracy learn about the history of Nepal's failed attempt to democratize in our video right here however in 1996 the communist party of Nepal attempted a violent coup which started the Nepal's civil war the conflict lasted until 2006 and less than 50,000 dead and over a hundred thousand displaced the worldly ended with the new king finally agreed to cede power the next few years saw several back in for struggles between the communist party and the majority parties to struggle finally culminated in the dissolution of the existing government in 2012 after was unable to draft a constitution thanks for watching folks if you subscribe to our channel if you haven't make sure you do

Title: Nepal Crisis In November 2015
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Nepal Crisis In November 2015