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Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) Discusses Leaked Memos from Fox News

At the start of the abstract brought to you by sprint you're you and i know that fox news is r_t_c_ not fair was the indian conservator anne now it didn't make it there it host might have some opinions here primetime mostly bill o'reilly sean hannity but they claim their news side are it it's just straight down the middle uh...
Fox News Bias Exposed By Leaked Memos

That again this is the world's biggest joke everybody knows it except the only people who refused to acknowledge it or is a wrestler media and by well if you no secret here's why because a lot of work the fox news or or one day are going to work at foxnews worthy of friends who work at foxnews so they don't like criticize them too much they don't say all year by french who work there or when i worked there later they're frauds they don't do real bcz so we have to keep emphasizing this over and over oblivious to people's nextel perfect evidence comes in today uh...
Bill sadness foxes is washington managing editor is the editor of new ste uh... and he has written an interesting that but first let's give you some background on the market on the the pro shop and he's program in uh... all of these of summer of printouts and artistically you know the health care debate frank once was a g_o_p_ pollster comes on tells activity you know what if you call it a public option different of course public option in health care because with all the document that the people are split of course is not true once knows

That the american war totally in favor of a difficult public option but he continues if you call it the government option the public is overwhelmingly against it to this is exactly frank loves his job at it does it well he goes in past terms and phrases and then so as to the republicans although if if you called estate tax id death tax then people are guess it got in the state tax than they are in favor of it so just change the terminology no-win in very very good at it and so he's recorded government optional

Government-backed hangs ecstatic exactly things as a brilliant idea and he says you know what it's a weak point and from now on i'm going to call it the government option at this just have a nice sean hannity is program in the end of it by no problem using a premium of spin that and that's perfectly fine strategy on their part now here's our disinterest bill salmon that and news editor we told you about decides that he really likes and he's gonna along with apparently the other top brass is using another memo or to push this to their news coverage so here's a memo that he writes to his so-called reporters and use it and too so couple months later he writes dot number one and is a for other subjects friendly reminder and says let's not slip back into calling it the public option number one please use the term government run health insurance or when gravity is a concern government option whenever possible when it is necessary number two when it is necessary to use a term public option which is after all firmly ensconced in the nation's lexicon use the qualifier sulk all as in the so-called public option number three here's another way to freeze.

The public option which is the government-run plan and number four witnesses makers and sources use the term public option in our stories there's a lot we can do about it cisco's or course sucks if we could look at the poet otherwise we change the quotes to but it really catch them from now on we are going to take the republican pollsters idea and apply it to our news division so we can split the news in favor of the republicans doesn't get any clear incase by the way if you noticed is a friendly reminder apparently the brass had told the news anchors and reporters before sup and they were half way using it and what media matters that which broke the story retracted in the attractive boxes anchors and sometimes it was a actor though uh... august eighteenth frank luntz appears on hannity sometimes it's a governor sometimes it's a public option and then the memo comes from friendly reminder everybody get on board you're not allowed to call it a public option you must call it a government action and then and other boss walks a senior vice president for news biker commentary comes in with this memo fahey says thank you bill referring sends era annexes whatever strenuous is 

The preferred way to say righted use it by the commentator senior vice president of news in if your member number three was of the public option which is the government raun okay and then media matters tracks there anchors afterwards and they uh... st on-air for example a special report was prepared to assist reduced cover on health insurance cover on health insurance option uh... that government-run insurance plan determination displays so-called public option that's from correspond correspondent jim angle and it goes on and on another from then on all the so-called news reporters call the government option war one of those parents which was allowed by the news editors at fox news come on come on how clear does it have to be now when the struggle centered on this matter well you know that looks pretty damn and at you know nobody knows you have a conservative slant and is this your way of telling the new site haywood take the slant of our opinion doesn't apply to your news this copies out nationwide of course not here's the problem advil salmon has uh... been on the record for uh... equity by the way here's a quote that went past by howard kurtz of the daily beast have on some things or i take assertive u keep specifics filmmaking that easy out you know all of the specifics burdette first of all over and he's been on air he said over and over again you that you know he's on the conservative side that's at the end of that bill reilly introduced him as quote mister c_n_n_ obviously is a conservative and coming from that point of view that's alright introduced salmon when he was on his air and then at yet chris wallace on fox news sunday saying quantities per se util conservative in your views which he did but i disagree with but here's the fun part of seven is written books they are published by ragari publishing which is aka serve the publishing or let's see if the titles are unclear patent rights at any cost how al gore try to steal the election number two fighting back the war on terrorism from inside the bush white house number three miss underestimated the president's the president battles terrorism media bias and the bush made what audio ya cream-colored disorders respected as yet battle over four chuti jury which we're still be a bush it's defeating terrorists.
Outputting democrats and confounding the mainstream media i don't know if this is what's the carbon paper ballots one side of the odd i don't know and and then finally is all about the evangelical president george bush a struggle to spread our moral democracy throughout the world i can't quite make it out woodside dvds up you can be a news editor and have an opinion whether it's a liberal or conservative opinion it's a different matter the state your news reporters and anchors you must have my opinion and not only that you must in a very subtle way trek your viewers into be a guest one side or being guest one issue by using republican pollster or even or democratic pollster uh...
Ideas and and phraseology did you see in your audience we're not really doing news you know there's another word for that it's called propaganda an absence jacquelyn with fox news channel this and is getting no other case of overwhelming evidence of that as well so they are for square specs they help to build website made that point four seven support and they've built for the largest website world at contact here website on-the-go he waited for about purcell lightly reports workspace

Title: Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) Discusses Leaked Memos from Fox News
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Cenk Uygur (host of The Young Turks) Discusses Leaked Memos from Fox News